Kiev greenhouse of exotic plants

Walk to the green paradise

Now in the modern world I really want to be in a warm and sunny place. Visit the place where there are many green plants and smells fresh. Experience the colorful world of nature. If you decide to organize a good and informative excursion for your family. Plunge into new impressions and emotions. We invite you to visit the botanical garden and greenhouse named after N.N. Grishko, on Pechersk area in Kiev.

War museum in Kiev

"Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" is the former name of the majestic memorial complex located on the high Pechersk hills on the right bank of the Dnieper river in Kiev.
In 2015, the museum received a new official name “National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. Memorial Complex ".

State Aviation Museum of Ukraine

Since ancient times, people have dreamed of flying like birds, dreamed of mastering the sky. Over the centuries, humanity has fulfilled its dream. In 1903, the first airplane with an internal combustion engine took off. It was the Wright brothers' plane. Nowadays, air communication becomes a daily necessity, hundreds and thousands of air routes connect different cities, countries and continents. There are people who love air travel, and there are people who, on the contrary, are intimidated by flights. But the endless sky leaves no one indifferent.

Andriyivskiy Descent - oldest street in Kiev

Kiev is one of the greatest cities in terms of architecture and historical heritage, not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe. For a tourist, this is a fascinating journey into the past, the feeling of something unique and beautiful at the same time.

Ukrainian Historical Museum in Kiev

The National Historical Museum of Ukraine is a leading museum, which has been located on Starokievskі Hill since 1944. The museum contains ethnographic, archaeological models of painting and sculpture, as well as collections, printed books, and other historical exhibits.

'Ukraine in Miniature' museum. Kiev. Hydropark beach.

If you have arrived in Kiev for the first time, but do not know where to start your acquaintance with the capital of Ukraine, do not worry. Both the people of Kiev and experienced tourists will always advise you to visit the Hydropark first of all, because here you will find everything that an ordinary tourist needs at any time of the year, as well as spend extra time with benefit and pleasure.

New Year's holidays in Kyiv

New Year's holidays are coming soon. Planning them in advance is a very good tactic. Preparations for the New Year in the capital have already begun. Nobody canceled the main Christmas tree of the country. Despite the quarantine restrictions, the approach of the holidays is already being felt. I want a soulful atmosphere and something exciting.

Obolonskaya embankment in Kiev

The most beautiful place, favorite for the modern tourist, newcomer, guest of the capital, is the Obolonskaya Kiev embankment, which has a considerable length and amazes with its beauty.

Romantic ideas for meeting dawn in Kiev

Are there people who don't like travel? There is probably no definite answer to this question. After all, it all depends on what kind of trip it is, where and with whom. So, an inveterate stay-at-home will not enjoy an intense business trip, and in the hot summer, few people will want to ride in a noisy, dusty city. But if we are talking about a trip to Kiev, a city with stunning architecture, ancient history and a variety of leisure opportunities, then the answer will be unequivocal. Such an event will be pleasant for almost everyone.