Today, the number of fans of classic cars is growing in Ukraine. Retro cars today evoke much greater emotions than new cars presented in car dealerships around the world. A festival will be held in Kiev especially for lovers of vintage cars. If you have the opportunity - even if you have never attended such events before - we encourage you to take part in the festival. Be sure to find an opportunity and time and you will be as satisfied and filled with new emotions as possible!

Chevrolet Camaro 1979

Old Car Land is the largest all-Ukrainian festival of retro cars, as well as vintage motorcycles, buses, trucks, military vehicles and special purpose vehicles.

ZIS Fire Rescue USSR 50th years

It is held twice a year in Kiev on the territory of the State Aviation Museum, so there is an opportunity, in addition to cars, to consider also retro airplanes, of which there are also many.

Volga-21 against the background of IL-86

All restored vintage cars come here on their own. The column moves through the city center and along Khreshchatyk Street, the Dnieper embankment, gathers at historical sites, including such as the monument to the founders of Kiev in Staronavodnitsky Park.

Stylish ladies' "Zaporozhets" 70s

The festival was first held in 2014 under the name "Old Car Fest". By that time, the exhibition numbered about 200 unique retro cars. Over time, the festival gained popularity, became international and already collects about 800 samples of restored old equipment.

Vintage Buick

Once on the territory of the festival, you will have the opportunity to drive in the cabin of a real vintage bus ZIS-155. Such buses ran in the cities of the USSR in the 50s.

City bus ZIS-155, 50th

At "Old Car Land" you can not only see very rare rare cars, but also hear the history of the car firsthand. The stories are different. Stalin gave Pobeda to someone, and “his grandfather sold it later,” and someone else bought a Mercedes-Benz S Klasse from a “difficult man” for a lot of money, which belonged to Leonid Brezhnev himself.

Mercedes-Benz S Klasse from the Brezhnev collection

The Soviet leader had a whole collection of luxury cars and highly appreciated the best cars of those times, he himself drove them. The President of the United States gave him a Lincoln Continental, and someone else, probably from Britain, a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which Leonid Ilyich crashed against a Soviet ZIL truck in 1980. They say that it was an attempt, but Brezhnev slowed down in time and survived. According to another version, the Rolls-Royce was smashed by the driver of a special-purpose garage, and at the time of the accident, Brezhnev was not in that Rolls-Royce.


Quite a few unique historical cars present at the festival were once found in villages and in the backyards, sometimes in stacks of manure, but then they were carefully restored by the incredible efforts of car enthusiasts.

30s car

During the festival, participants will be able to feel the atmosphere of the past, admiring not only vintage cars of the twentieth century, but also the unique atmosphere of that time. During the festival, you will literally be able, as if sitting in a time machine, to actually return to a previous era.


The Old Car Land Retro Car Festival is not just a festival, but a journey through the history of the automotive industry. During this event, visitors have the opportunity to see unique brands and models that many car enthusiasts would like to have in their garage. They delight with their forms, beauty and memories. For a sentimental journey into the past, at a time when the word "beauty" was often associated with the automotive industry, we invite you to Kiev from 28 to 30 May 2021!

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 70-е

It will be interesting to see the participants of the festival dressed in the same way as in the days when their car was popular and actively used. You will see beautiful girls in summer dresses with high hairstyles from the 50s posing against the backdrop of Victories, Packards and Buicks, guys in rolled jeans with coco hairstyles listen to Elvis in the Chevrolet Del Rey salon, and a Texas cowboy stands next to his posh Cadillac Eldorado. The US military is on guard at Willis lend-lease jeeps and Dodge trucks, Wehrmacht soldiers smoke at BMW motorcycles, and nearby are Red Army soldiers with their GAZ-AA and other Soviet simple and reliable equipment from the war. You will watch as "KGB agents" are on duty dressed in hats and inconspicuous gray cloaks. Next to them, their black Volgas are secretly equipped with V8 engines with an automatic transmission without standard markings, so as not to "burn" inadvertently among the gray mass of Soviet citizens who never knew about the existence of such "advanced" wheelbarrows in the USSR.

Cadillac Eldorado

The festival of retro cars Old Car Land will reveal to you the legends of the world and domestic auto production. The historical base of cars, collections of cars from the best automobile clubs of Ukraine, a large exhibition of collectible cars, a retro-tuning zone - these are just some of the unique car attractions that await guests, participants and visitors of the retro-festival.

BMW Alpina

This will be an extraordinary event that year after year attracts both young and older supporters of cars from the time of our grandparents to the capital of Ukraine. Festival participants have an unprecedented opportunity to see old cars from all over the world up close.

Soviet GAZ Chayka Universal

For some, Old Car Land is a sentimental journey through time, while for others it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the outstanding representatives of the automotive industry, which is extremely dynamically developing in our time. It is also the ideal location for acquiring automotive jewels from all periods of the 20th century.

Chevrolet Caprise Classic 1979

The festival of retro cars and old cars Old Car Land Kiev is a festival that is unique in Ukraine and all over the world. This year, among others, new collections of retro cars will be presented, which will take the people gathered at the festival to Paris or London many years ago. At the festival you can see zones stylized as England and France of the 19th and 20th centuries.


The most important thing that amazes all participants of the retro festival is the amazing atmosphere and a special spirit of unity. Old Car Land is not just an exhibition of museum pieces or rare pieces of retro technology, it is, first of all, a large-scale holiday and a grandiose show that unites the citizens and guests of Kiev.


The event is organized by the Old Car Service technical classics club. Traditionally, Old Car Land presents unique and rare models that have not been shown before at such events. Among them - fresh works of the best Ukrainian car restoration workshops, cars from private collections and museums, cars belonging to famous people. The program also includes an impressive display of Soviet representative cars of the country's top officials. All of these cars are exclusive and have their own history. In addition, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the cult models of the beginning of the last century, equipment of the Second World War, rare vehicles and bicycles. Italian and British models, exotic for Ukraine, will also be presented.

ZIM old soviet luxury car

This year the festival will take place for several days: from 28 to 30 May at the State Aviation Museum. The organizers of the holiday really have something to show. This year they have prepared many surprises and surprises and are definitely planning to surprise and even amaze every visitor.

Pontiac Grand American

If you come to the festival from another city, or even from abroad, you have a great opportunity to comfortably spend time and settle in the chain of mini-hotels "Pearl" You can book a room in advance, and have a great time not only at the festival, but in general to relax as comfortably as possible!

Aeroflot "follow me" car

Be sure to come to the city of Kiev for the Old Car Land festival to look at cars that are works of art. You will be impressed! In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”