Loss, unauthorized access, illegal use of personal data of hotel visitors is completely excluded. A limited number of employees are allowed to access confidential information about clients. For disclosure they face severe punishment, ranging from disciplinary to administrative and criminal liability.

Room reservation and personal information

You can use our website without restrictions without providing any information about yourself. Browse offers, find out prices, read descriptions of rooms and our services, be interested in promotions and special offers. We only need your personal data if you decide to book a room for a specific date. This is the only way the hotel employee will be able to send you a confirmation of your room reservation. The list of personal data is strictly limited: last name, first name, residence address, telephone number, e-mail address, arrival and departure date. All. When you leave our hotel, staff will ask you to email you about special offers. You have the right to refuse. No one else will disturb you, and the email address will be removed from the list of recipients of the newsletter. Moreover, you can block, correct or delete all your personal data. The hotel does not store, sell or personal data to third parties. We respect our guests. This is our corporate philosophy. The visitor database is kept in a verified center. It is impossible to hack it. A strictly limited circle of employees has access to it. When you use the services of our hotel, be sure that your information is reliably protected.