• Room 1 on Zakrevskoho
  • Room 2 on Zakrevskoho
  • Room 3 on Zakrevskoho
  • Restroom on Zakrevskoho 95

In every room

  • bed-alt Double bed
  • cabinet-filing Cupboard
  • tv-alt Cable TV
  • wifi WI-FI Internet
  • border-top Table
  • mug-hot Tea, sugar (free)
  • utensils-alt Set of dishes
  • coffee-pot Electric kettle

Mini hotel "Pearl" in Desnyanskiy area on the street Nicholas Zakrevskogo 95, in Kiev. A 5-minute walk from public transport and 25 minutes by public transport from the metro station "Pochayna".

Near supermarkets, cafes, pharmacies, banks, fitness center, parking, car wash. An excellent option for those who come to Kiev to relax and travel. Great for those who come on business and want to combine work with leisure.

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  • To assign the booked number to you, you need to make a prepayment after receiving an SMS with confirmation.
  • Booking without prepayment is possible by phone or with a personal visit 1 hour before check-in.
  • Accommodation in rooms only for up to 2 people! When ordering additional beds can accommodate 3 people.

Prepayment and guarantee

More days - less payment


Discount when 100% prepayment for accommodation!


100% Money back


In case of cancellation of the booked room less than 3 days (72 hours) on the arrival date - no refund. In all other cases, payment is refunded in full.