The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period paid and agreed with the administration. At the end of this period, a person a hotel resident must leave the room at the request of the administration.

Check-in time - 12:00; check-out time is 11:30.

The period of stay is extended only if there is no reservation in favor of third parties.

Guests planning to check-in before 12:00 (subject to availability of free rooms), and check-out later than 11:30, must agree in advance with the operator on duty by phone. This service is paid separately, according to the current price list.

Rooms are booked free of charge.

Room keys are given to the guest after registration and payment for accommodation.

Hotel rooms can be booked by phone, before 1 hour to your arrival. In other cases, booking is made online on the website

The priority right to check-in at the hotel is given to citizens who have a confirmed room reservation. The rest of the clients will be accommodated in the presence of free rooms in the order of priority.

The administrator has the right to deny accommodation:

  • to citizens, who do not have a passport or other identity documents with them;
  • persons in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication;
  • guests who refuse to comply with the hotel rules,
  • as well as in a situation where there is no payment for a room in the required amount.

When checking out, the guest is obliged to hand over the keys and room to the administrator.

In case of damage or loss of property, loss of hotel keys, the guest will compensate the cost damage inflicted at the current rates of the "Price List for Damage to Hotel Property".

In the period from 22:00 to 8:00 in the morning in the hotel premises it is necessary keep silence.

At this time, it is forbidden to turn on TVs and audio systems at high volume in the rooms, as well as talking and laughing loudly.

In case of violation by the guest of these Rules of residence
the hotel administrator has the right to terminate the hotel service agreement with the client.

Upon departure, the client is obliged to pay a fee for the services actually rendered to him.