Are there people who don't like travel? There is probably no definite answer to this question. After all, it all depends on what kind of trip it is, where and with whom. So, an inveterate stay-at-home will not enjoy an intense business trip, and in the hot summer, few people will want to ride in a noisy, dusty city. But if we are talking about a trip to Kiev, a city with stunning architecture, ancient history and a variety of leisure opportunities, then the answer will be unequivocal. Such an event will be pleasant for almost everyone. And if there is a loved one nearby, then it is difficult to wish for the best.

Richard's Castle on Andriyivskyi descent

Hotels in Kiev are very diverse, you can choose a room depending on your financial capabilities, preferences for the area of ​​residence, the required level of service and living conditions. Well, it's worth taking care of yourself to organize an unforgettable experience for yourself and your couple. Moreover, there are enough places and opportunities for this.

Romantic Place

One of these places is the right bank of the Dnieper. It has long been chosen by couples in love who can enjoy beautiful sunrises here. A stunning sight - the sun appears over the waves, illuminating the majestic, noisy and solemn city. And then you can walk around the city, or return to your room. Moreover, in the city of Kiev, the hotel often acts as a place where you want to return as soon as possible in order to take a break from the bustle of the city and new impressions with comfort. A mini-hotel "Pearl" can become such a place for vacationers. This is a great option, combining a reasonably affordable price with good conditions.

Motherland Monument

Another option in order to meet an unforgettable sunrise in the capital is a walk to the Motherland - mother. Such an adventure will be remembered by you for the beautiful landscapes of the pre-dawn and morning city, architectural monuments and a special, unique atmosphere. In addition, a gorgeous view of the Left Bank of the Dnieper opens from there. Kiev hotels located near these places will welcome tourists overwhelmed with impressions.

St. Andrey's church

After a comfortable rest, presented by the hotel, Kiev is again ready to share its cozy corners with guests. Obolonskaya embankment is another place suitable for two lovers to enjoy the sunrise. It will present travelers with beautiful panoramas that will forever remain in memory and in photographs. The embankment of the Postal Square, the Kiev Sea, and the pedestrian bridge over the Dnieper will not yield to it. It is impossible not to mention the Castle Hill, overlooking the historic part of the city, which opens from it. Also a traditional place for walking is the monument to Leonid Bykov, from where you can see the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the majestic expanse of the Dnieper.

St. Volodimir monument on high hill

In general, Kiev is exactly the city that will forever leave memories of itself and the desire to visit it again. Well, Kiev will certainly provide a suitable hotel. And if the choice of travelers falls on the mini-hotel "Pearl", then in addition to the memories of the ancient streets, stunning sunrises and a special atmosphere, they will have the impression of cozy, tastefully decorated rooms, where it is so pleasant to return.