The most beautiful place, favorite for the modern tourist, newcomer, guest of the capital, is the Obolonskaya Kiev embankment, which has a considerable length and amazes with its beauty.

Obolonskaya embankment and Natalka park

She always disposes to a walk with a loved one, to rest with a large group of friends. With the onset of darkness, the embankment is replete with multi-colored lights, striking, bewitching with its appearance. Everything here is equipped for maximum comfort, summer playgrounds, shops, for an overnight stay, tourists choose the Pearl Mini Hotel, which attracts with high-quality service and inexpensive prices. Its location is Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue 7, near the metro. Business trips, tourist trips, business trips always involve making a preliminary reservation of a Kiev hotel, so that upon arrival, organizational moments do not distract from the main mission of the trip.

Stone garden in Natalka Park

Walking along the Obolonskaya embankment, it is impossible to pass by the main attraction - the bay, overlooking the historic Dnieper River. The proximity of the pedestrian zone, clean air, numerous hotels in Kiev, an abundance of entertainment venues where you can have a tasty snack, go cycling, take a photo for memory, relax have their hospitality. Pilgrims enjoy visiting the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which stands out for its unusual domes.

Church of the Nativity

If a hotel is chosen, Kiev opens up many unique places for romantic meetings, educational excursions. Kissing or Devil's Bridge is a place for making dates, an opportunity to make a marriage proposal beautifully, the railings of the bridge are dotted with love prose and poetry. Newlyweds, married couples have instilled a good tradition - to hang locks with colorful ribbons for a happy long life.

Natalka Park

The capital boasts a newly formed wall of confessions where desperate romantics can perpetuate their heartache. According to legend, this helps to get closer to the object of adoration. Speaking of mystical moments, you can visit the Fountain of Desires (erected in the courtyard of the Mikhailovsky Cathedral), throwing a coin, visitors sincerely believe in the mysterious power of the Fountain.

Stone garden on Obolon

The next exhibit is the Tree of Happiness, in Navodnitsky Park, an iron sculpture with leaves and apples hanging from its branches. According to local beliefs, a ribbon tied by lovers on a branch promises a connection of fate. Quite an interesting fact for inquisitive tourists, so it is important to book a hotel on time.

Kiev is a city of colors, contrasts, architectural monuments, museums and structures. For foreign lovers, many new unique places will be opened, saturated with mystery, romance, and magic. In the Garden of Stones, on Obolon, there is a sculpture of the Mermaid, which helps in amorous affairs. By rubbing her breasts, lovers get the location of the other half.

Sculptures in Stone Garden

It is simply impossible to drive by and not visit the capital city of Kiev. Hotel Pearl, with hospitality to meet travelers, experienced staff will surround you with home care, comfort, surprise with stylish design. Guests, tourists and other guests will get a lot of positive emotions, positive impressions!