Ukrainian National Museum Of Literature in Kiev

The national and cultural wealth of the Ukrainian people was formed from a defining moment - the foundation of Kievian Rus and the baptism of a powerful state by Vladimir Svyatoslavich. The National Museum of Literature of Ukraine, which is located in the historical center of the capital, is filled with priceless masterpieces of literature.

Museum building

The property presented in the museum is classified according to historical eras, which contributes to productive familiarization and expert study. Serious interest of the guests of the Museum of Literature is observed when visiting the outstanding St. Paul Church, the library and the Book scribe's corner.

Book scribe's corner

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the historical halls of Ukrainian literature, which will be presented in chronological order. Special attention should be paid to the centuries-old "bestsellers", which received their greatness during the life of outstanding authors.

Book scribe's corner

With the adoption of Christianity, the spiritual life of the Slavs and Ruthenians, the ancestors of modern Ukrainians and Belarusians, began to change significantly. The profession of a book copyist, which consisted in the responsible and troublesome rewriting of mainly chronicles and religious books, is gaining significant popularity.

Books of Kievian Rus

Outstanding educational work was carried out not only by scribes, but also by compilers of books. In the corner of the copyist of books, the work place of the master is interpreted, who used special writing instruments. With the help of the metal Stylos, the process of rewriting was carried out directly, when the elements of the correction of the letter were: a shillet, a compass, a ruler. The scribe was empowered to regularly change the ink, which was possible with a mortar and inkwell.

Important: the design of the book is an individual art: exquisite and geometrically perfect patterns, symbols, coats of arms.

The book scribe's corner is the place where history was determined, the memory of the brave and outstanding achievements of the first princes of Kievian Rus was formed. The corner is presented in the first hall of the museum, where those who wish can get acquainted with:

  • The pearl of ancient Russian literature — "A word about Igor's regiment";
  • The handwritten book "Ladder", which translates as "steps";
  • Outstanding "Peresopnytske Gospel";
  • The books "Apostle", "Primer", "Grammar" that Ivan Fedorov and Meletiy Smotritsky, respectively.

The presented heritage of Ukrainian literature belongs to the XI-XVI centuries.

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church - restored as a monument of Ukrainian culture, which was completely destroyed as a result of the coming of Red Soviet power. At the time of its founding, the church operated under the collegium of Paul Galagan, which was named after St. Paul, a Christian missionary, one of the first theologians, spreading the idea of ​​Christianity.

St. Paul's church

Through the efforts of enthusiasts and restorers, the iconostasis was reconstructed, and the domed ceiling of the church has been preserved in its original form. St. Paul’s Church is famous for the fact that it was in it that the wedding of Ivan Franko and Olga Khoruzhynska took place: the event took place back in 1886.

Top of St. Paul's church


The library is an invaluable wealth of the National Museum of Literature, which has been fully preserved, despite the black pages of Ukrainian history.

The museum is located in the building of the outstanding collegium of Pavel Galagan, which implemented the progressive ideas of young people of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The college was created as a private educational institution, and its head was the patron of the arts Grigoriy Galagan.

Library in XIX century

It is surprising that the institution was founded as a result of the tragic death of the son of people who made a titanic effort to create an educational center. The permanent pride of the collegium is the library created by Italian masters: a two-tier interior, materials made of genuine leather and wood, exquisite bas-reliefs and portraits of cultural figures of the era.

Library today

Since its inception, the library has had about 25,000 volumes of rare books, namely:

  • Old printed;
  • First editions of authors of Ukrainian and foreign origin.

It is incredible that the great Ivan Franko worked within the walls of the library.

Old library in 2021

Connoisseurs of literature regularly visit the unique library, and the inimitable interior of the premises serves to popularize Ukrainian culture and museum affairs. Among the students of the collegium, one should highlight: Nestor Kotlyarevsky, Agafangel Krymsky, Pavel Filipovich, Mikhail Dray-Khmara, Stepan Savchenko, Vladimir Grabar.

Museum property

In the premises of the college, 11 stylized halls are realized, which correspond to the historical era of Ukrainian literature. Exhibits from the beginning of the 18th century to the end of the 20th century are on display. Originals of works of Ukrainian poets, writers, paintings, portraits, attributes of Ukrainian culture.

Exposition about Kropyvnytski

The following thematic stands enjoy incomparable popularity among museum guests:

  1. Christmass scene. Box with a mobile puppet theater;
  2. Ivan Kotlyarevsky. The exposition presenting the poem "Eneyida", which was printed in the Ukrainian language of the classical model;
  3. Russian trinity. Presented a unique edition of "Rusalka Dnestrovskaya";
  4. Thematic stand - Nikolay Gogol;
  5. Taras Shevchenko. The exposition is filled with the edition "Kobzar", the author's real notes, as well as the outstanding painting "Katerina".

Poet's corner of Shevchenko

Additionally, the corners of the works are presented: Panas Mirny, Panteleimon Kulish, Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky. Halls 9, 10 and 11 contain works of figures of the turbulent XX century, which became a suffering culmination for the Ukrainian nation.