Walk to the green paradise

Now in the modern world I really want to be in a warm and sunny place. Visit the place where there are many green plants and smells fresh. Experience the colorful world of nature. If you decide to organize a good and informative excursion for your family. Plunge into new impressions and emotions. We invite you to visit the botanical garden and greenhouse named after N.N. Grishko, on Pechersk area in Kiev.

Buildings of greenhouse

Buildings and pavilions in which a greenhouse of beautiful and original architecture is located, and a large glass dome will delight and emotions not only a child, but also an adult. The greenhouse occupies large areas of the botanical garden. Here are collected plants from all over our vast planet. In just a few hours of visiting, you will visit almost all continents of the Earth. You will feel the atmosphere and nature of the countries you have never been to. You will see a huge number of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Inside the greenhouse

In the greenhouse of the botanical garden N.N. Grishko, you will meet beautiful fruit trees. Some of them are over 50 years old. The variety of exotic and tropical plants will surprise anyone. Young visitors to the garden are always delighted with the fruits of fruit trees. There are palms, olive trees, figs, persimmons, citrus varieties and many more. It is in this showroom that children spend most of their time. They examine the fruits on the trees, want to touch and taste them. Here, the younger generation learns the environment very much, and they learn the wonderful world of nature. After visiting, you will see how brightly your child's eyes burn, emotions from the excursion will prevail. He will ask many questions, which the greenhouse staff will help you to answer.

Exotic fruits

The flower exposition occupies a separate hall in the greenhouse. It is here that you can find many collections of flower varieties. Featured: azaleas, magnolias, camellias and orchids. There are about 80 species of collection orchids in the greenhouse. Entering the hall, you will feel the simply inexpressible aroma of these wonderful rare flowers. The main flowering occurs in autumn. Types of flowers are collected just around the world.

Hall of flowering plants

The large collection includes exotic cacti. By the way, the playground with them is also a favorite place for the children's contingent. There is a large variety of succulents from all over the world. The exposition is very extensive, impressing groups of visitors. Seeing huge cacti with giant thorns, many are delighted. And how fantastic the flowers of these plants look. They are of unusual beauty, vibrant and impressive. Cacti rarely bloom, but it is in N.N. Grishko's botanical garden that this phenomenon can be seen very often.

Hall of cacti

The greenhouse is interesting at any time of the year. Our staff - guides will organize an excellent walk in the green garden for you. Will tell the story of most plant species. You will learn a lot and at the same time enjoy the wonderful scent of flowers. See exclusive shrubs and trees.

Jungle path

The variety of plants is huge. There are vegetable crops, herbs for spices and herbs are grown. Growing lilac gardens, various walnut trees, climbing vines will not leave a single visitor without impressions and emotions.

Giant cacti

There are plants that have a healing effect, the so-called herbal pharmacy. Here the guide will tell you what herbs you can use to improve your health.

Giant succulent

The complex has a large shop. In it, anyone can purchase various plant seedlings and vegetable seedlings. Specialists - sellers will tell you how to plant and then take care of your purchase in conditions far from the botanical garden. If you listen to all the recommendations, then very soon you may have a harvest from your purchase.

Seeds of exotic plants

This is where you will have a great free time. You will learn a lot of new and interesting things about plants, shrubs and trees. In Ukraine, the botanical garden of N.N. Grishko is a reserve fund. It is protected by the state. We suggest visiting this place. Here you can relax, take a great walk through the most beautiful places. Gain vitality and introduce your children to the world of wildlife.

Palm from America

If you have booked a room at the Pearl mini-hotel, you have the opportunity to easily get to the Botanical Garden. N.N. Grishko using the Kiev city transport.