Kiev is one of the greatest cities in terms of architecture and historical heritage, not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe. For a tourist, this is a fascinating journey into the past, the feeling of something unique and beautiful at the same time.

Brazilian embassy

There are so many wonderful and ancient places in majestic Kiev. One of the most beautiful, interesting and favorite is undoubtedly Andreevsky Descent. This place is visited by a large number of tourists, and the people of Kiev like to walk along this old street. Here you can plunge and feel the atmosphere and color of the mysterious city.

St. Andrew's church

Andrew's Church became the prototype of its own, it is located at the very top of the descent. 1747, architect Rastrelli completed the baroque temple project and began construction. Legend has it that a river passed under the temple, which parted when the holy Apostle Andrew set up the cross.

Corner of Borychiv Tik street

At first, the street was quite narrow. But over time, it got bigger. All tourist people passed here. Many merchants, artisans, artists, wealthy gifted people and nobles lived here.

Many architectural monuments of past centuries have survived from the past. It is worth paying attention to the majestic Richard Castle and its tower with a sharp spire.

Castle Of King Richard "Lion Heart"

Now this descent is known for the fact that here you can buy rare works of painting, unusual souvenirs and gifts, antique dishes, coins, awards, signs, household items and clothing, folk art and Ukrainian patriotic symbols.

The House Of Bulgakoff

Walking on the Andreevsky Descent, you do not notice how quickly time passes, admiring various architectural monuments, monuments of famous poets and writers, museums. The museum-estate of M. Bulgakov, where the events of his novel "Days of the Turbins" took place, deserves special attention. And by visiting the "Museum of One Street" you will get acquainted with more than three hundred years of history of Andreevsky descent.

Bulgakoff monument

Among the cuisine, French and Italian are more often preferred here. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine will surprise not only foreign tourists, but also ours.

Drunk Cherry wine bar

Real gourmets can visit the Lviv dark chocolate workshop, Lviv fried ribs restaurant and Drunk Cherry red wine bar, the famous “Kanapa” and Chasing Two Hares restaurants.

Chasing Two Hares restaurant

Here you can personally see how delicious chocolate is made, feel the atmosphere of real joy and buy yourself a souvenir of your choice.

Svitlytsya restaurant

So how do you make your way to Andriyivski Uzviz? There are several options. You can actually take the subway. We must arrive at the Kontraktova Ploshcha station. Subsequently, turn towards the street of the Great Hetman Peter Sagaidachny. After 5-6 minutes you will get to the place of deployment.

You can also go to the station "Pochtovaya Ploshcha" and then walk in the direction of Petra Sagaidachnogo Street, or take the funicular to Mikhailovskaya Square and walk to the descent along the Desyatynna street which ends at St. Andrew's Church. If you are on Independence Square, then you can walk up Mikhailovskaya Street, then Desyatinnaya Street goes. 20 minutes - here we are.

This House was destroyed. photo in 2008

There are completely diametrical opinions and views on account of this beauty and grandeur of the capture of Andreevsky Spusk. The overwhelming majority of Kievans and tourists consider this a real work of art with its extraordinary architecture, which is emphasized in many museums, monuments and local buildings. Old-timers think that with modernity everything has lost its colors and historicity. Some of the old houses on the slope were destroyed during the last reconstruction in 2012. Several new structures were also built, including a modern theater.

New Theatre

So for relaxation and peace of mind - this place is perfect.