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Staying regulations

Mini-hotel is for temporary residence which period must be fully paid and agreed with the hotel administration.

On the expiry of the agreed period of time a resident must leave his\her room by request of the administration.

Time of accommodating – 12:00 am; time of leaving – 11:30 am. The period of staying can be prolonged only if there is no reservation made by third parties.

If a guest wants to be put up in the hotel before 12:00 am (possible only if there are free rooms) and leave after 11:30 am he\she has to agree this with the administration. It is a paid service and it must be paid according to the pricelist.

Room reservation is free. Keys are given to a client just after the registration and payment made.

You can make a reservation over the telephone.

Top-priority to be put up in the mini-hotel is given to those who booked a room and confirmed it. Other clients are going to be put up in the hotel according to the waiting list and if there are free rooms.

The administrator has all rights to refuse a client to stay in the hotel if he\she has not got a passport or some documents identifying his\herself; he\she is strongly intoxicated by an alcohol; he\she refuses to follow any of these Regulations or in case a client has not got money to pay for a room.

When leaving the hotel the administrator take back the keys and check the room. If the keys are missing or if there is some damage made or loss of the hotel’s property, a resident must pay for all this according to “The pricelist for losses and damages”. From 22:00 pm to 8:00 am no-one is allowed to make noise.

In this period of time it is prohibited to turn the sound systems’ or TVs’ volume up, as well as speak and laugh loudly.

If a client violates any of these Regulations the administrator will have all rights to dissolve the agreement.

When leaving the hotel a client must pay for rendered services de facto. If a client decides to shorten his\her period of residence when staying in the hotel, he\she should let the administrator know of it the day before his\her probable leaving. In case a client does not follow the rules of pre-term leaving, he\she has to pay a daily cost rate for standing idle.


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