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Kiev Zoo

The Kiev Zoo is a member of the Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA) and Ukrainian Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Kiev zoo contains about three thousand three hundred and fifty species of animals. The zoo is located at the address: Kyiv, 32 Victory Avenue.


«Dream Island» - is the largest water park in Kiev and one of the biggest indoor water parks in Europe, with an area of 24 000 square meters. It is impressive not only for its sheer size, but also for its unique design concept. «Dream Island» has the style of the Lost World, where an island, with blue lagoons and aquariums with exotic inhabitants, stands among prehistoric animals and wild plants. The name justifies the place - an island where dreams come true.

Kiev Planetarium

Kiev Planetarium Society "Knowledge" – is the oldest and largest of Ukraine’s planetariums, and it is one of the largest planetariums in Europe. Sessions in the planetarium - popular science lectures, literary and artistic programs or fabulously informative (children) programs in astronomy and space science. Each session is accompanied by unforgettable astronomical special effects - a demonstration of the sky of both hemispheres, lunar and solar eclipses, comets, meteor showers, and the like. Star filled sky is demonstrated in every session.


The National Circus of Ukraine (Victory square 2) offers the possibility of holding recitals, competitions, sport demonstrations, performances, meetings, seminars and live bands on circus arena. Circus auditorium was designed for 1903 seats. Service - April to September 2014. For more information, contact First Deputy General Director Dudchenko Lyudmila Pavlovna, tel. 486-36-78.


Water Park and entertainment complex “Hydropark” - is the place in Kiev, where you can relax as you wish, with family or friends. It has everything for sport lovers - tennis courts, bike rental, fitness outdoor playground, volleyball, football, paintball.

Independence Square

Independence Square - is the central square of Kiev.


Symbol of the city - Khreschatyk - the main street, passing through three areas of the capital of Ukraine. Over the weekends, car traffic on the street is blocked and it becomes a pedestrian street. Residents and guests of the city like taking strolls here.

Cinema Florence

Cinema "Florence" was built in 1989 and named after an Italian city. This is the only movie theater in Troeshchyna district of Kiev, where visitors are not only residents of the Desnyanskiy area; residents from all over the city, and visitors to the capital often come here. The theater is located in a convenient location with good transport interchange and parking: Mayakovsky, Ave. 31.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Currently, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is located in the center of Kiev on the right, the high bank of the Dnieper, and occupies two hills separated by a deep trough, going down to the Dnieper.


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