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Mini hotel "Pearl"

Do you like going on business trip? Most likely not, because more often such trips are full of troubles and unneeded worries. Moreover, every trip to the capital needs quick decisions on such organizational issues like: choosing a hotel or a hostel. Which variant does for you the most?

  • Hotel: a good and acceptable service, separate bathroom and all conveniences, but the price is too high! Not less than 400 UAH per day for a far from the centre choice with average level of comfort.
  • Hostel: attractive price – nearly 100 UAH per day, but conveniences aren’t so good. There is no separate room, just a bunk bed at your disposal in an overcrowded room. It doesn’t make sense to talk about private space, comfort or hygiene.

What if we tell you that there is the third variant which will do for every visitor, because of its great combination of price and quality?

Mini-hotel "the Pearl": we offer comfortable double rooms with 250 UAH daily fee. Also, we give you a set of clean bedclothes and towels, the dishes, a tea and households appliances such as like: a kettle, a hairdryer, an iron and a microwave oven.

Staying at our hotel you will be surprised with the prices and the level of our service. The best combination of quality and price will spare you all this trouble and turn your trip to the capital into a wonderful journey! Mini-hotel "The Pearl" will help you to forget about all the troubles and cares concerning your personal comfort and safety of your personal things. We offer reliable service for every class of guests. Our staff cares about interests of our guests and does whatever possible to make your staying in our hotel incredible.

You can book rooms beforehand. Living quarters are renovated time after time, we often make small touch-ups giving its own design to every room.

Mini-hotel "the Pearl" – the best offer of quality rest and good price for every guest in Kiev!

Inexpensive hotels in Kiev aren’t just a myth and mini-hotel "the Pearl" is the best convincing proof given! Many people think that it’s unreal to book a comfort low-price room in the capital, but they are proven wrong.

Advantages of Mini-hotel "The Pearl"

Coming to Kiev people usually think over two variants:

  • Low-price variant – hostel. It can cost not so much (about 70 UAH per night), but such variant has its disadvantages like: no private space, overcrowded room, low-level service etc.
  • Classic hotels. In this case you have everything you want: households appliances, bathroom, comfortable room and high-level service. The main problem is money. You have to pay more than 500 UAH for such room.
These are the variants people often chose googling "Kiev hotels" or "Kiev Inns".

We have tried to combine the advantages of both variants in our mini-hotel. In our case you will pay only 220 UAH for a comfortable double room in Kiev per day. Perhaps, our mini-hotel is the cheapest in Kiev.

What do you get for such price?

Of course, potential clients always try to find some ‘hidden rocks’ or catches in hotel’s low price. We want to assure you that there aren’t any. Yes, our mini-hotel isn’t situated in the city centre, but good prices make up for it.

Let’s take a better look at what our mini-hotel has to offer you:

In our hotel you can take a room for less than 100 UAH. This is really very low price which you will not be offered anywhere else. Kiev is an expensive city and you should not miss such offer

You can book a room beforehand.

Every room has households appliances such as: microwave oven, iron, hairdryer. Everything is at your disposal.

Clean towels, bedclothes, tea, the dishes – you get everything for our small price. Comparing our price with Kiev one it’s absurdly low.

Our mini-hotel has very good approaches for your transport; moreover, there is a protected car park for the safety of your car. This option is very important for every Kiev hotel, because it is very convenient.

And if you are going to take public transport, the situation of our mini-hotel will do good for you: it is situated not far from the traffic interchange.

Mini-hotels of Kiev – the best decision for applicants trying their luck to pass the entrance exams or for tourists who like simplicity and don’t want to pay more for imaginary prestige, as well as for every practical man who prefers comfort for reasonable price. Not many Kiev hotels will offer you the same combination of comfort and price.


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